Among jackets made using different materials the leather bomber jackets are very popular among men and women.

Men’s bomber jacket are also called as flight jacket, flying jacket, aviator jacket and also as Royal Air Force jacket . Men’s jacket is based on the model of flying jacket used by air crops. Among the military and people across the world, this model jacket is the most popular. The men’s bomber jacket was originally designed at the First World War time and was mostly worn by the pilots.

The two popular varieties of men’s bomber jacket are A2 and G1. The A2 type of bomber jacket was used during 1930. This flight jackets are available with different sizes and varieties and is made of goatskin.A2 is the most comfortable type of jacket used by men now.On the model of A2 bomber jacket, many companies manufacture the men’s bomber jacket. Some bomber jacket has side hand warmer pocket and some has the vertical entry pocket with the inner wallet pocket. The bomber jacket has pocket of different varieties of side hand warmer pocket, vertical entry pocket and inner wallet pocket.

The commonly used military jacket is G1 type men’s bomber jacket ,which was popular during 1938. This jacket is very fashionable and it has the most modern aspects in it which is preferred by men in current days. It is made up of sheepskin with a strap in shoulders.

Women’s bomber jacket has become popular among women with jacket.The bomber jacket gave more comfort and suited with modern trends is the reason why women adapted the fashion jacket. The bomber jackets make many women and girls look great and fashionable and thereby have become their daily outfit. There are many different types of bomber jackets are available for women and here follows the most popular bomber jackets for women: the Genuine military jacket has passed on from the generation to generation and are made of shearing leather which is very soft and durable as well.

Different types of bomber jackets are Replicas and Nostalgia which is also known as Craftsmen bomber jacket for women, Leather bomber jacket which well suits and the most preferred type of bomber jackets with the latest style and fashion, Aviator bomber jackets, Motorcycle bomber jacket, Hooded bomber jackets, White, black or brown bomber jacket, Red bomber jacket, Leather vest and many more. In any women’s wardrobe the bomber jacket can be seen as the best collection of fashionable and style.

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